120-ton New Machine Host to 6F


Equipment Encasing and Stuffing

Installation of 25-ton and 50-ton Blast Pipe while standing on the Fixed Basket

Hoist Operation for Equipment Move-in

Bulk Bag Hoist for Sewage Disposal on the Roof of Plant

Equipment Transportation

Platform Hoist and Assembly

8F Hoist Operation

U-beam Hoist for MRT Circle Line in Sinchuang

Confined-Space Hoist Operations of Crawler Crane

60-ton Generator Core Hoist in a Power Station

Hydraulic Gantry Crane

More Projects

Precision Machinery Transportation

We bought air bearing equipment in order to meet the transportation standard that high tech industry, such as semiconductor, photoelectric, solar energy, requires; and also for the transportation of precise equipment or measurement instrument that medical industry needs. The air bearing can prevent the damage and the precision distortion caused by shakes or sway during the transportation.

Xin-Hong Precision Machinery Transportation
Air bearing module
Xin-Hong Precision Machinery Transportation
Air bearing jack and air flow control

Semiconductor Precise Equipment Machinery Moving-in Process

Air Bearing Machinery Transportation

Air bearing transportation is mostly used to move precision machinery, overweight equipment or on the poor transportation route (too narrow, too long and too many turnings). The advantages of using air bearing transportation are safe, fast and minimize lead time and manpower.

Xin-Hong Air Bearing machinery transportation
Air bearing jack and air flow control

Machinery Transportation Showroom

Clean Room Equipment Transportation

In order to provide the best service to clients in high tech industry, Xin-Hong set up SOP of the transportation process, tools clean-up and maintenance for clean room transportation. We pay attention on the purity of clean room, and make sure the manufacture yield rate won't be affected by the transportation.

Xin-Hong Clean room equipment transportation
Dust-free supporting wood
(wrap different sizes of the supporting wood with aluminum foil and wrap again with the tape specially used in clean room, and distinguish different sizes with colors; it is to increase safety and efficiency)
Xin-Hong Clean room equipment transportation
Tool clean-up
(all the tools used in clean room have to be cleaned up in advance; wipe the tires and wrap them with overlay to prevent making it dirty again; after moving into the clean room, remove the overlay and apply clean treatment again; shorten the tools clean effectiveness during the operation)

Machinery Transportation Showroom

Over-height Level Object Crane Engineering

To meet different machinery sizes, weight and working environment in different industries, Xin-Hong has hoisting platforms of different sizes and loading weight. The hoisting platforms are designed and manufactured by structure engineer, and approved by R.O.C. Crane Association; our crane equipment complies with National Safety Regulation. We run the wind speed measurement before crane engineering operation, and the operation will be stopped as long as the wind speed greater than 35 m/sec. Aiming to reduce the risk during crane engineering operation, we run the self-checking of the crane equipment every two hours. Zero accident is Xin Hong's goal of customer services, and we hope to become the trustful partner of customers.

Xin-Hong Over-height Level Object Crane Engineering

Crane Engineering Showroom

Turnkey Business Equipment Move-in Transportation

Xin-Hong Crane is also specialized in turnkey business engineering for industry equipment, machinery, instruments, raw material, manufacturing tools. Combined our well-experienced in transportation with the most professional team and up-to-date equipments, we can offer our clients the best quality of service.

Xin-Hong Turnkey Business Equipment Move-in Transportation

Turnkey Business Move-in Transportation Showroom

Turnkey Business Equipment Transportation

This engineering is suitable for the renew of the whole plant equipment or move the whole plant equipment to a new location, including high tech industry, traditional manufacturing industry and general factory allocation. Xin-Hong Crane makes an overall plan for the whole engineering project; by offering our clients one-stop service, we meet their demand and lower their cost. We offer our clients the best solution for each detail of their project, including equipment moving out service, lifting engineering, crane engineering, and transportation.

Xin-Hong Turnkey Business Equipment Transportation

The Process of Equipment Transportation

Timber Box Packing

Timber box packing is one of the service items that Xin Hong offers. It includes precise equipment box packing, general box packing, crate packing, and pallet manufacturing; we try our best to meet various demands from customers according to the characteristics of their products. Xin Hong is equipped itself with heat treatment equipment for timber box and acquired heat treatment mark; it meets exporting inspection regulations at ports and airports overseas.

Xin-Hong Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment Mark

Timber Box Packing Process

Warehouse Rental Business

In order to provide one-stop service, Xin-Hong builds up big scale warehouses in Northern Taiwan (Taoyuan), Central Taiwan (Yunlin), and Southern Taiwan (Tainan) to offer our client goods storage and project management service.

Xin-Hong Warehouse Rental Business